The chemical business is one of the core businesses of China Risun. Taking coking as the starting point, the Company has adopted a vertically integrated business development model, and formed three chemical industry chains, including the carbon material industry chain, the aromatics industry chain, and the alcohol-ammonia industry chain. The total management scale has reached 6.03 million tonnes per annum, of which the production capacity of operation management service projects is 950,000 tonnes per annum. Distribution is conducted in production bases in Xingtai, Dingzhou, Cangzhou and Laoting of Hebei Province, Yuncheng and Dongming of Shandong Province, and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

        The Company is the world’s largest processor of coking crude benzene, the world’s second largest processor of high-temperature coal tar, China’s largest producer of methanol made from coke oven gas, and China’s largest producer of phthalic anhydride made from industrial naphthalene. 



Phthalic anhydride

Coking crude benzene

Anthracene oil


Industrial naphthalene




Coal tar


Carbon black oil