Hydrogen energy business

  As a world-leading energy and chemical company, China Risun actively responds to the needs of the times, and upholds its strategic positioning as an enabler for executing the Group’s energy strategy, catalyzing carbon neutrality efforts, and pioneering novel avenues for business expansion. It capitalizes on its six major advantages, including hydrogen resources, costs, regions, quality, technologies and low carbon, and has introduced the “1124” development paradigm, which encompasses “one line, one network, two wings, four stages”, as well as the “production, storage, transportation, re-fueling, use and research” so as to integrate the entire industrial chain to plan and deploy its hydrogen energy business. The Group has built and commenced operation of four high-purified hydrogen production lines, with daily production capacity of 24 tonnes, making it the fifth largest producer and supplier of high-purified hydrogen in China, and the largest high-purified hydrogen producer and supplier in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. It has also completed the construction and started operation of three hydrogen refueling stations, and formed a stable profit model encompassing the entire industrial chain of “storage, transportation, re-fueling, and utilization”. Furthermore, the Group’s hydrogen products have obtained the National Clean Hydrogen Certification, and its integrated carbon emissions during the whole production cycle is only 0.49 kg CO2e/kg H2, which is far lower than the clean hydrogen certification standard value of 4.90 kg CO2e/kg H2. The Group can also achieve a carbon reduction of 58,000 tonnes per year.


  One line: production, storage, transportation and application;
  One network: a nationwide smart hydrogen energy supply network;
  Two wings: technology + service;
  Four stages: clean and low-carbon energy supplier; energy ecosystem integrator; advanced energy technology provider; excellent energy transformation service provider.